Indoor Tanning Lotion

There are a large number of benefits served by the indoor tanning lotions that are particularly used for protecting the skin from an indoor tanning bed and they can also work wonders for outdoor tans as well. Indoor tanning lotion is specifically designed for protecting an individual from the artificial forms of the ultra violet radiation and also from the regular ultra violet rays of the sun. Indoor tanning lotions are not only used for sunburn protection but there are other large scale benefits served by these lotions. There are different formulas used for designing indoor tanning lotions that bring secret benefits to the skin of an individual in areas of anti-aging, moisturizing, bronzing and even protection from the ultra violet rays of the sun. The American Academy of Dermatology insists on the use of indoor tanning lotions to be used indoors and they also advise on the benefits produced by such lotions.

Indoor Tanning LotionThe Use of Indoor Tanning Lotions

There are different types of tanning oils, products and tanning lotions that help in carrying out the process of tanning within a tanner. These are some of the products that are not only helpful for indoor tanning but they also protect from sun tanning. Tanning sessions are considered to be very complicated because they include artificial forms of the ultra violet radiation and leave certain side effects. Tanning lotions are considered to be very helpful in an environment that is heated tanning bed as they work in the form of protection shields for the intricacies that generally arise because of tanning. Sunburn occurs, skin dries up and red rashes begin to appear during the tanning sessions in the form of side effects. Therefore the use of Indoor Tanning Lotion is recommended as they are designed by the use of formulas for the prevention of the drawbacks caused due to tanning. There are a number of benefits served by indoor tanning lotions and they have been described below:

•    The indoor tanning lotions contain SPF formula are very good at protecting and preventing sunburns caused due to the ultra violet rays of the sun. The ultra violet rays of the sun penetrate the kin epidermis and cause sunburns. SPF formula contains active ingredients and zinc oxide that play a very important role in protecting the skin from the harmful effect of the ultra violet rays of the sun.

•    Indoor tanning lotions contain dehydroxyacetone or DHA formula and this formula is used for enhancing a person’s tan. DHA helps in accelerating tanning and it is only because of this reason that it helps in reducing the exposure time of an individual under lamps and tanning bed. The benefit served is that an individual gets dark tan and the exposure is limited.

•    Indoor tanning lotions also contain certain hydrating particles that help in keeping the body moisturized when the tanning process is carried out and it also helps in keeping dryness and wrinkles away from occurring.

•    Indoor tanning lotions are also good at providing the skin with certain supplements and nutrients that help in keeping the skin healthy and soft.

•    Amino acid tyrosine is another very important ingredient used in Indoor Tanning Lotion and this ingredient helps in stimulating the production of melamine in the human body and this helps in providing an individual with a dark and even tan.

•    There are many formulations of the indoor tanning lotions that are also of great help in preventing premature aging and in avoiding the leathery and dry look of the skin.

•    It is due to the advancements that have taken place in technology and science that the new and latest indoor tanning lotions available in the market contain some of the most advanced ingredients that help in keeping the skin healthy, silky and smooth. The indoor tanning ;lotions of today are found to be formulated in a better way and therefore they have less chances of any side effects such as irritation or rashes forming on the skin.

Indoor tanning lotions can always be used on the skin because they help in adorning the skin and keep the beauty of the skin intact.