Best indoor tanning lotion: Select any one of them for a great tan

If you stay in America or Europe they are people who would do anything to get a superior bronzed tan on their body. While in the beach you have seen many women spend hours basking in the sun to enjoy a honey colored tan on their body. But few of them who cannot go to the beach due to various reasons use a tanning bed to get their honey colored tan.

What is a tanning bed?

A tanning bed is a bad which is used indoor for tanning. This bed consists of ultraviolet or fluorescent lamps which are used tan the bodies of people in a natural manner after they have applied their selected best indoor tanning lotion. When you want to get yourself a tan you would have to sit in these tanning beds and after some time you would have a bronze colored tan which you can show off to your friends.

Best Indoor Tanning LotionWhat are the best tanning lotions which can be used indoors?

1.    Smoke Black Bronzer

This is the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion that is available in the market today. This tanning lotion sets in quickly and your body is gifted with a healthy bronze tan in a matter of 30 minutes or less. This tanning lotion is so effective that you get considerable tan right after you use it for the first time.

2.    Designer Skin Spellbound

The Designer Skin Spellbound is a leader in the indoor tanning lotion segment and has been in the market for several years. There is also other tanning lotions from the same company but Spellbound is the popular one among its customers. This tanning lotion is suitable to be used for all skin types and leaves the skin soft after application. Designer Skin Spellbound also has various nutrients in it which conditions the skin.

3.    Millennium Paint It Black

This is another great indoor tanning lotion which gives your tanned skin a natural bronze hue without affecting the skin. This tanning lotion works well on all type of skins including very fair skins. Millennium Paint It Black also moisturizes your skin when it is being tanned and gives your skin a soft and silky texture that you will love. People in advanced age can also use this tanning lotion and you would not feel the tingling sensation which often accompanies a tanning lotion.

4.    Get Ripped Indoor Tanning Lotion from Ed Hardy

This indoor tanning lotion works fast on your skin to give you a natural bronze look and also cools your skin when applied. This tanning lotion is oil free and helps to restore elasticity in the skin and keep it soft and nourished. This lotion is also one of the few lotions which do not give a tan odor and has a good scent in it.

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